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The new Co2 Tax on imported new cars is in place since the 1st July 2012.

Private persons have to send the Form 13.20 A (issued upon Swiss customs

entry procedure) plus the Certificate of Conformity (COC) to the ASTRA

authorities in Bern. To obtain the application form use our column links !

In addition the authorities have published a very useful information on (FAQ) -

a document which is also available on our website.

Our experience shows, that only the correct declaration of the real amount paid purchasing the car abroad plus the freight costs does guarantee, that no further problems will occur with Swiss Customs Authorities. We strongly recommend to our customers to supply us with correct and full value information according purchase documentation. This avoids problems and makes sure that the correct amount of cartax and VAT is paid when we present the customs entry upon arrival to the

Swiss authorities.

Not the actual date of import customs clearance is of relevance but the date of registration of the vehicle with your local MOT services.

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